Friday, November 07, 2008

Glamour Capital

Track 10 from the fall 1999 Confession of Faith release
Still Born

Glamour Capital

Is purpose careless and free with no more muster in me
I reach Berlin wall hear fear shrewdly call
Rally comrades flock wound down truth like clock
I never wanted in me these pattered orthodoxy
Seeds sought patiently down and on one knee
Hear peace banter a cry see assassin slit on sly
Crowning achievement in bloomed discord
Calling the maker like leper ignored were our hearts poured
March ye towards victory then tell the how why
In a madrigal all that does stand strong it shall remain star
For how long before it dwindles is it billions of years that even ends
Seek you the future then seekest the past does anything last
We swagger to the new start of all the tumbling down
I chartered to the set sun the sight was all but done
Not sure win you such hands as stalwart to the machine
Searches only destroy as someone carelessly seen
Soul judging from on high too forward for the reply
Butchered in the extreme as sorrow in Dis does teem
Shining do all they so watch is all they say
Recutting the pieces hoping for new day

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