Sunday, November 09, 2008


Track 4 from the 1993 Confession of Faith release
The Sacrament


Falling from the face of god
Pulling my heart into despair
Isolation leaves me cold
So empty are the hands of prayer
The hands of prayer they bleed my skin
And pull me underneath again
Into your lips that softly say
Fuck me once again I stray
So delicate inside your skin
The hands of prayed they call again
To your ears that hear no pain
Praying are the hands in vain
Shattered are the memories
That slowly sink into despair
Placing faith in empty words
Forsaken are the hands of prayer

'Hallowed' What is amusing here is the school's mascot and decorations as well as the very standard guitar solo that is heard before COF performs. This is very Confession of Faith, dark lighting, the intense, aural, industrial cascade. This song is from The Sacrament ep. The crowd seems very intense due to the fact that this was performed in the High School lunchroom for the 1993 Jefferson High School Battle of the Bands and most of the students probably hadn't seen or heard music like this.

This is Confession of Faith performing to victory at the 1993 Minnesota Highschool Battle of the Bands at the Mirage. COF took sole first place. 2 bands tied for second place and 2 bands tied for third but COF one by themselves. What is amusing is that after COF performed, they immediately left the competition only finding out that they had won while they were returning their gear at home. The prize was free studio recording time. The songs we played were 'Hallowed' and 'Dominatrix'.

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