Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lord of the Flies

Track 5 from the 1993 Confession of Faith release
The Sacrament

Lord of the Flies

Is it I that you look for
As the darkness consumes
For it is I that withers all that’s in bloom
I am the Lord, Lord of the flies
I am the angel of death
Do you not see
As you lower your dress
And stand longingly
To embrace this disease that hungers in me
I am the Lord of the flies
Standing in this unhallowed place
You lift your lips to kiss my face
Can you not see it’s your death you embrace
My eyes are clouded by the tears I shed
I beg of thee to turn your head
Away from death’s eternal wed
Can you not see I’m the angel of death
For with my lips I consume your breath
And then I ask
Do you feel me inside

"Lord of the Flies" This is part 4 of the winter 1995 Confession of Faith performance at Ground Zero in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This performance was done during the time COF was negotiating their way onto the Triple X Records compilation "Dim View of the Future". Dark and ominous are crutial elements in a COF performance. This song is from the ep "The Sacrament".

'Lord of the Flies' This is very Confession of Faith, dark lighting, the intense, aural, industrial cascade. This song is from The Sacrament ep. The crowd seems very intense due to the fact that this was performed in the High School lunchroom for the 1993 Jefferson High School Battle of the Bands and most of the students probably hadn't seen or heard music like this.

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