Friday, November 07, 2008

East Er

Track 2 from the fall 1999 Confession of Faith release
Still Born

bad taste on my mouth the site tittered away
all sides sit ailing to me and how have i grown
this day as tossed ship in lost sea still afloat
just drifting south in earshot beholden to this
idea of beauty in any hue it places on me
a certain demise i care not the moment
nor the skies in our heart lesion lay
file D for dismay when we’re brought
unto the total view i hammer not to pacify
i just count more than only two dead
on the ground next to Horror Astound
the party shall play oh we’re all swept away
cut apart with sawtooth decided in youth
to covet or treasure the moment it asunder
our land inside the hard banking on the moment
and the poor our heart dangling whore
a meltdown in core with slight sound the
mystify is found last place holding i miss
the purposed reply distort freedoms we halve
and cleave the head from the calve
to sift the rot for repent days are nights
and time slips by me soothe on another level
you speakest of truth but soil my ear
the sodom i see the failures are we have us
any fear receding dimensions the mind-numbing
expanse of drivel turned to downpour i can scour
the shore for bridge with less wormbore
and find few if any in my view the cavalcade
the have i made more 2 sense than a harlot outlaid
are all afraid the burning distemper
as the passion played are we slurred down
me native tempull away our heart
pluck now malaise as a part we crawl drifting far
a bulwarked din see the arms oh well oh anyhow i

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