Sunday, November 09, 2008

As i Hung

Track 4 from the 1992 Confession of Faith release
As i Hung

As I Hung

As I hung by my neck in the bottomless pit
The words which you said that didn’t mean shit
Came back to me as I saw your face
Burn with disgust in this unholy place
I fought and I gasped for every last breath
Rejecting the fear and welcoming death
My phallic image being casted by light
Forgetting all else and recalling that night
That night I saw you dance in the fire
When my heart yearned for your every desire
I desired to see and to taste your skin
To hold you tight like a siamese twin
I can’t I screamed as the thin rope frayed
As I fell in your heart grotesque and decayed

Grotesque and decayed

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