Friday, November 07, 2008


Track 1 from the spring 1999 Confession of Faith release
Children of a Dying Sun

dissension clamours within my heart
stilling Love's attempt to impart
Grace, Peace, Love to my life and yet
it's feigned remorse stinging my eyes wet

if Hope did dwell within my heart
i have no grasp of it
for i do glorify myself
well that's just full of shit

as all that matters is Love

somehow i've stumbled into dominion over my will
over all that which i am, are you so different
are we not human, with the same child's heart
all longing Love until death
when we hold no more the reins
what the fuck are we then

then i hear said, dance for me Salome
and we shall see who is in chains and who is free
i hope that it's you pray that it is, in God

can you see to what extent our frailty does exist
and how in homage my knees are bent
but not towards Love for that i kissed for my gain

betraying any Hope beyond this my flesh of clay
as to what i see as Truth i only make delay
slash and burn elected turn away from what is everything
i see i have no footing left for me to stand on

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