Friday, November 07, 2008

i am god's chosen

Track 2 from the 1996 Confession of Faith release
i am god's chosen

I am god’s chosen
Why do I feel so cold and pray death on bended knee
My hands to god I longingly hold and pray
For the love of christ
I built the tower of babel to reach god
And no longer thirst
So how is this when my lips touch her skin
I reach god first
Do you see me stumble
And fall further away from god
I raise my hands to heaven and pray
For the love of christ
This is god’s way
Eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani
For the love of christ
I somehow find myself on my knees before the lord
And all he sees is sin and I know I am abhorred
He shows to me my life and hell that waits me then
I plead forgiveness for I am god’s chosen

"i am god's chosen" This is part 1 of the winter 1995 Confession of Faith performance at Ground Zero in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This performance was done during the time COF was negotiating their way onto the Triple X Records compilation "Dim View of the Future". Dark and ominous are crutial elements in a COF performance. This song is from the ep "i am god's chosen".

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