Friday, November 07, 2008

Assembly Divide

Track 4 from the fall 1999 Confession of Faith release
Still Born

Shall it shine under the err
Rending hearts and tending no care
Unto my eyes sin it is laden
And lifeless all through the land
So it seems under the air
Shall we mend without care
Undo the end before our knees do bend
A little dream not much steam
I fail to see banality bade me to amend
Heart tend our fear
It shall ever be near
Me and my heart barren
From a start-ing
A home between
Love’s assemblage and the assembly
Of love’s parts
And set aside within the our
It will divide and it seems
If baby can’t do the art
Shall go zombie
And dissolve all at landfall
As faith may seem so sheared
And caught to sway
A needle lost in hay
A baffled brook
Which sense mistook and led down
To a peaceless somber bay
Which way do you turn towards muster or yearn
I cannot see the font of spring the dead season’s chimes ring
Appalling life abysmal day
The foolery the what to say
But I can sing of freedom’s wing of hope in this thing
Was I kissing freedom’s wing open this thing
We call it life we nurse the dead we dismiss reason instead
Behold how none of us ever can decide
What makes human
Our sires laid caprice with need
And furnished egg with seed
Cradle schism caught in long haul

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