Sunday, November 09, 2008


Track 3 from the 1993 Confession of Faith release
The Sacrament


How I lust
As your life slips away
And all that is left
Is the stench of decay
Staring down into the pit of damnation
Knowing I’ll never find my salvation
But through he last drowning breath
This hunger I fill for I am your death
God save my soul
My love lasts forever
Shrouded in sackcloth
She now stands
For I am the blessed
And I am the damned
Thriving off her tears of joy
I come not in love
But come to destroy
The woman who welcomed my as her guest
That now lies twisted bleeding and undressed
God save my soul
My love lasts forever
Because of Cain I am grotesque
For I am the damned and I am the blessed
The cerements of immortality embrace
All who are of this kindred race
Given the kiss that longs the day
That buries me deep in the stench of decay
God save me

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