Friday, November 07, 2008

Stale Sin Sale

Track 8 from the fall 1999 Confession of Faith release
Still Born

It was a shimmering night
The veiled city as a momentary lapse
And motion sifting away the psyche ovasive
As love in low moment twas a nation like that
In which I fell into when nowhere I had
Chosen it like life the rest and gaze unto the moment
That we see truth and obey underlit and I’m under that day
I fear that it is all gone away
In the maze of a fickle haze
Given receiveth I smitten devise
Swift and decisive hell I can not face
Motion memory or grace
Death at the end then I need more
In my mind days writhe and I find
Anything that gives me strength
But all is feeble but grace
Come soft sweet melody
Bring candor apparently
Fortuitousness offense lingers long
It ain’t hard to sound sound deformed
In the life’s blood a jumbled eden
And all purpose seems lost and nondescript
A shattered easter a careless blunder-ring
I found and placed upon thee calling MIA
The funniest shit
In all your name my lone triage
Sites only fade a man self-made
Is it I is it in
Is in N is it stale
Is it R easy sin
Is it I easy sale
As I came I nowhere found
A site that simply looked good
Or anything that I need more love
It all as sunder is cast
Stand I see my hand
Dead against my life as sand
Glass is broke often enough
But love does stand

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