Friday, November 07, 2008

See it as it Ends

Track 8 from the spring 1999 Confession of Faith release
Children of a Dying Sun

all hail Love as we tear her down
to where every longing is what
we laid out in front
and ravished her there
thinking not whilst our lives were cut

severed as a new babe that is shorn from its cord defenseless it weeps as air stings lungs
yet it is still adored
by the same Love that only Love can afford

hang it like a weight
'round your drowning neck
and sink forever under
the waters of oblivion

oft i do tend to picture life
as that which binds me tight in fetters
curtailing Love with marked strife
alas are we not debtors
choosing to crawl with slavish stride
we make ourselves as soul shaped letters
laying as words spelt to deride
reading away from me Lord
in the harrowing tide
of sought found umbra i stored
the gravest heart of my sin
the shit i once had abhorred
in this redundant din
i'm as dirt as cleft dross
requiring smelting again
freedom's glory-holed cross

was it Hope that we nailed
there that day
that still hangs

forever on a long time
down the road see it as it ends
at some point in our time
but further than that

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