Friday, November 07, 2008


Track 5 from the 1996 Confession of Faith release
i am god's chosen

Will someone take my hand this night
And lead me through this endless plight
For love whose harlot eyes I see
In waves that spiral down on me
Behold, enfold the king of the land
Where love lies dead
All things laid in pristine rows
But nothing in this garden grows
And as like filth that I taste
Upon my life laying in waste
Uplift my heart and bathe anew
For drown in offalness I do
But it is I who brings the rain
And with my knees I detain
Anything that for love there stands
I sit on high and make demands
Then I see it drain
And circle down on me like rain
Raise me up in all my beauty in all my luster
Bathe me in gold
Then I’ll come and sit upon my throne
Where I shall judge over my empire, where is it now,
For as I am enshrouded by cries
I’ve come to find the tears they are all mine, for I am lost,
Kneeling from the weight of my life
With my skin in the dirt and my soul in the fire

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