Friday, November 07, 2008


Track 1 from the fall 1999 Confession of Faith release
Still Born

then i’d have to say a prisoner’s way
is hopeless indeed for have we not choice and need
at least it seems so since first dawn i new day
which i’ve hid and locked away in a pandora’s heart
a slight flickered gleam which is all that fashions the seam
between this life and the next without choice life is a dream
In a dream N/A dream
can you perceive orchard empty blossomed flower
cut from tree my soul is me
so often that i with listless did lie and say
what a good boy am i but for one man the sky
with immense reply did say what a good boy am i
as a boy as a man i think everyone can invite temptation
is it anything is it anyone am i ever finished am i done
the burning heart has a son from whence it seems all run
I believe choice have we The will to make the motion sea
Wane or fill these lives that be Or semi-tear the symmetry
The caliban the i’ll set free The humble can the only
Way that i fear i never see Is crooked man with crooked knee
I believe choice heavy The burdened back the turn us we
From wax to wane the candle’s me To semi-shine the majesty
The caliban the i’ll set free The meager man the only
Way that i fear i shall be As crooked can with crooked knee
The love i ban the set me free My heart to dirt the only
Way that i fear is for me is choice to choice with love as key
that i know is me That i have in me

This is a short film that uses the Confession of Faith song 'Caliban' from the fall 1999 COF album 'StillBorn' made by Mitch Lusas, Jason Richards and Norm Mintle in 2007. The film is a great look at pressure and control and who holds the button of power.

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