Friday, November 07, 2008


Track 3 from the fall 1999 Confession of Faith release
Still Born

if crevice were made and somehow we strayed
and i wound myself up on the edge of the further side
in a twine of delayed i fashioned the frayed
and affixed to my heart a peace that i thought i had tried
then does it all subside
to a lull where we no longer breathe
i’m talking more permanence than that
of a soul to face fear i’ll crawl to be near
and search to find thee are we not all free
when we face the dawn yet it’s time that’s still further drawn
on on on and on
and dawn
with partitioned veil the hardest of trail
is the one from whence i stagger
and all things first flowed
but i fastened the nail to a body so frail
that i don’t know if the fiddle i bowed
would play me a song to settle my soul in the calamity
don’t twist apart their there in waylay
chance debauchered so frantic to say
i hope the dither never sates me it may

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