Sunday, November 09, 2008

Do You Love Pain

Track 1 from the 1995 Confession of Faith release
Do You Love Pain

Do You Love Pain

Covered in sackcloth dripping with red
The promise of love as she enters my bed
Do you like pain she says with a kiss
I cover my eyes enshrouded in bliss
Do you love pain

Do you love me
She says on her knees
How can I love
What I can never believe
Take then my hand and drown in my eyes
Believe this is love
Salvation through lies
Do you love pain
Do you love me

For one more night I feel love’s skin
As I open my arms
And embrace her again
I feel my heart raped again by her tongue
As I watch love wither
As slowly she hung
Do you love pain
Do you love me

"Do You Love Pain" This is part 5 of the winter 1995 Confession of Faith performance at Ground Zero in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This performance was done during the time COF was negotiating their way onto the Triple X Records compilation "Dim View of the Future". Dark and ominous are crutial elements in a COF performance. This song is from the ep "Do You Love Pain".

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