Saturday, August 30, 2008

Left Too Dry

Track 1 from the September 2008 euphoreador release
ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

Left too Dry

I can’t say that I lack all of any sort of redeeming qualities
I can’t say that I’ve done nothing of mention
Which I really haven’t done
But there is one thing common unto
Humanity beings you and me

There’s nowhere left to run to anymore
There’s nowhere left to run

The seeking of the care
Can’t it be the wherewithal
Of dawning light
Unilateral friendship
And the need to pull it in two

There’s nowhere left to run to anymore
There’s nowhere left to run

See it in the lane
Flag it down like pain
Then stair the apathetic air
Then when we knew who we rent
We buy more like we threw away as spent

So if we think
That our life's on the brink
It just may be

Collapse the race
And roar the crowd
The wonderlust is for the proud
Sound of interminable malaise
I hope it pays one of these days
We who all prowl inane
Without in toto

Cause it takes more effort to be a pest
To be a naysay
That we can do more
And that we won’t do shit
Never are we here
And everything in it
Yeah, well
There just isn’t

There ain’t nowhere left to run to anymore
There’s no where left to run

You think it’s all in fun
You think it’s all done
But when you need a place to go
And there ain’t anything you know of

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