Saturday, August 30, 2008

Harlot as Half Shade

Track 14 from the September 2008 euphoreador release
ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

Harlot as Half Shade

I need to take each day with a grain of salt
I need to see all my human endeavors as my fault
Line from antiquity, yeah that lady’s for me

I’m crossing all my eyes dash-dotting my tease
S.O.S. please
I’m bleeding all my hard-earned money on total sleaze

I see the bullshit comes easy
A fucking breeze
As they step from every darkness
With my every wheeze
I’m gonna make them prey
Like I pray
From behind
With them on their knees

I see the bullshit comes easy
A fucking breeze

Where art thou in the lane

I need to take each way with my face on the asphalt
I need to see my face in all the clever which way they be

Harken little children
Don’t come this way
There’s no turning back
There is only being prey

Whore the mainstay
For the halflight
For the one who don’t know virtue
Like you do
Hold you breath
Hold your legs so tight

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