Saturday, August 30, 2008

Give In

Track 2 from the September 2008 euphoreador release
ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

Give In

I didn't think that I knew of all the odds seeing that the way shun to the flaweds
I'm on the prowl baby can't you be, with me leacherous for fell en knee
We gonna go down slow into the wanes into the pains
(I'm pro let tear it off apart places we won't be caught
and bring your blanket stare I cant only you got me moving there)
We're gonna bring what we all know to be the case and the carry you there
So come here
And give in

The pussy pass and they glide down to forgot
you know the way we always think and thought
You got an eye and a shape and a I move to your gait
I'm gonna unlock and let us go inside the Garden of Earthly Delights tonight
we know everything is scared utter shitless and see of the fitness
the fire and the all we will never die
(the flowers without your adding more in the tribulations inner I adore
adorate bed my mate see all on the thin ice skate ice on no body skin we're never in
wolves' stare will cry and we won't even know that we will die)

So come here
And give in
So come here
We're bedding deeper in sin
So come here
And give in
Come on
We're bedding further than you've ever been

Why do you want to go home with such a duchebag
Everything that he says lies triple slag
I'm gonna fashion to gather all his lies
together and make a huge balloon
That says 'I'm an asshole'
You do not read it
I see it certain 30,000 miles away
But you think all he cares about is the sway
with his swagger ways and candor
in the can't to can not see the light in all the thought
I'm gonna give you real things
To make you think and I hope
In all the ring around us brings

'Give In' This is track 2 from ChineSeXXX American Idolatry, the september 2008 euphoreador release. The song is about how we need to be fearless and open ourselves up for the possibility of love and intimacy.

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