Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tried to be

Track 12 from the September 2008 euphoreador release
ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

Tried to be

The want to behold
All the beauty there is
I want to confess
That I don't see it often
Enough of that
When I tell you it calls
And it recalls that it's still cold

So turn away
And when I cloven be
And lay it at
The feet of love

So don't you claim to know mind
At the windowpane
Don't you play 'til you find mine
Every into a bloom

The clown suit bolted
The things we do for love
And if we don't claim
Cautered we plea

A tramp

A trial to be humble
I tried to be brave
But saving doom
I am the kneeling knave
But just lay it down
At the feet of love
And when we talk

Don't be kind
Don't be care
And don't you care for that
When we say what we do
My emotions all have value
And I don't keep anything well
Who can tell
'Cause everyone

Just lay it down
At the feet of love
When it comes in focus

I tried to be humble
I tried to be true
I believed in us
Probably more you
Then I take
And don't replace
But when the woman's face
Hits the know body
And what have I done to deserve you
Or you
Or you
Or you

What have I lain
Lay it down
At the feet of love
Singing softly
Little Angel

Always amicable
As we leave it
This world
I want to be spoken not slurred
On top of a course
And weighing our time
My blasted only one line
One word
It's better to be loved
Then to be the lover lent
Into whatever spent
Lept to call a cab and a
Leper back stab
Better to love
It's better to love
Than be the leper leaping off of the ledge

So lay it down
At the feet of love
And when a bow of Ice
Never surprice me

Blank stare
All shaken

Make it shaken not stirred
Like the cat pussy purred
And the lines
Oh, draw them in sand
On the hand
Of the wing to course
Just think
In dotted S.O.S.
Let me confess
That the purpose in the land we call West
As our time
Drew itself down
I could have been better
You could've been better
We could have tried harder
We could have given more for
The four lettered word
Best goddamn fucking one ever heard

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