Friday, March 09, 2007

Demand of Thyself

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Demand of thyself
Vastly more than your fill
Sisyphean toils of will
Belief in yourself
Is at your command

Give of thyself
Don't expect anyone to care
About what you do
Do you dare to
Leave yourself behind

This video was worked on for The Assembly project for Different artists each had a week to do their part of the video. Marielle Quesney made the video and euophoreador did the sound and the music. The song is about how we have to believe in ourselves because we can't always depend on others to care.

This video is of euphoreador singing his vocal part for a new song from his March 2007 release called 'lack'. The song is called 'Demand of Thyself' and was written for The Assembly project that was created by indyish. The video is pretty dark but one can glean from it that the video and the song will be worth watching and hearing in better quality. The Assembly project had different artists create the different elements that combined to make the finished video. Marielle Quesney made the movie while Josh Hinck edited in the sound fx and wrote the music.

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