Monday, March 05, 2007

Can We Pursue

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Can we embrace
Can we replace
All the things in haste
We waste

Can we pursue
Me and you
And all the things like paste
We taste

Can we pursue

Can we construe
Can we resign
At what the alpine level
Raise the line drawn

We would go out
Into the city at night
A Beowulf hound
Oft lost
Till I found a place
With fancy doorman
Hell, more shit for the fan
A sudden expanse
And I love romance

All under the color of light
Hell more fuel for the plight
And the rockets red stare
Descending hearts lacking all care
Gave proof to the trite
That their lives were going somewhere
Oh say does that new fangled planner yet save
Our souls from mute toil
Or our ass from the grave

Can we pursue
Me and you
With all the things like paste
We taste
Can we transpire
While we perspire
Dragging the heart monitor
To the razor wire
Can we construe
Me and you
What’ll we do

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