Monday, March 05, 2007

After Let Down

powered by ODEO

Mystique Miss Tact
Miss Plastic act
(so bring you body next to me)
Critique we backed
We once attacked
So bring you bawdy close to me
Like Hero and Leander
I’ll gerrymander vitality
And laissez faire
Will be our wing-commander
For us to share

I knew I knew let down after let down

Yeah, well, ‘cause
I am let down after let down
I knew, I do

So much as better
So much the notion
All the clever Misses
My devotion
I cadence singly
For want of kisses
Tendering the moments
Of Reminisces

I fight for heart
I fight for love’s labors lost
And pricey is the cost

I knew I knew let down after let down

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