Friday, January 01, 2010

Too Far to be Remembered

Track 1 from the late December 2009 euphoreador release entitled adrit.

Too far to be Remembered

Looking into the past
Is like looking fast
Into the future

I’ve been sifting through truths
Of genealogy and gin
And gynecological irregularities
And preponderance of mystical lands
Lie under the further sands

Even though they slip away
It haunts this day

Well I’m just too far away
To be remembered
My little voice did say
As my visage blurred

Day in day out
A little more
Night into keeping
What you do
Day in day out
How oft do I think
About the real
Came from
And not where
We’re going
What do we do
In this temporal flesh
With each other’s empathy
Filled in anguish
If we hanged her onto
That ethical barrier
I mean if we gave a fuck

It’s better to think now than when you can’t think anymore

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