Friday, January 01, 2010


Track 10 from the late December 2009 euphoreador release entitled adrit.


You better start running in the lengths of time
When we are feeling light
With Mercuriac wings
Feet travel through things
And bodies collapse around
On the chanson* lane Champ-Elysees
We go to hell after triumphing this way
And when bodies die next
That’s got me thinking
Yeah well that’s what’s got me thinking
And then the children here in this world
What will they be

I’m sure the children of the next generation
They don’t what our piles of shit
Like we didn’t want them
Thrust that were upon our ass
When we came to top with little of class
We never knew what instore would befell
Hard to tell
But I’m sure they don’t want any of it
This huge pile of bullshit
We’re aching to give to them

All things come to an end

What they want is to be free
Given a life to be a little human

You’re running now
Get your feet placed firmly on the pavement
Move into the next of square
Cause hell water is a fantasy from there
It’s desert oasis and tragedy

Little beautiful child you ain’t much alive
But when you get old you’ll always regret
That everyone around you sold you such shit
And noone cared enough to give you
The real scoop the real plan
That hardship and high ideals
Are what is human’s hand
Dealt felt black in velvet velour
The overrated heart is to assume that it is pure
It grows wider upon this wrong
And there is love somewhere far away
Don’t let your life go before
You’ve given a chance some more
Hold me tender feel then

Make a stance for romance
Then take the floor
In a dance of parlance
They’ll all adore
St. George’s lance says your rants
Pierce to the core
Of Rosencrantz slide askance
And search for more

*the French word for song

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