Friday, January 01, 2010


Track 8 from the late December 2009 euphoreador release entitled adrit.


Nights in black satin
Sheets of rain in velvet pleats
Pain the flesh carnival
With choice repeats
The crop cracks the time
And bites the sex
With dank dark beats

Lick suck
Turn your other cheek and let me fuck
Taste spaced
Together we both go down on her luck
Then slow we have ours to go on and on

Naked flesh naked flame
It reeks of danger
When everyone knows
Each other’s name
Masked naked in mesh
From Istanbul to Marrakech
The damsel and the dame

Deeper deeper down

Flinch twist
Your pussy’s lips
Are the only ones she’s kissed
Give an inch resist
Our lives are vapid
As the salient mist

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