Friday, January 01, 2010

Rift valley

Track 3 from the late December 2009 euphoreador release entitled adrit.

Rift Valley

You come back to me sans subterfuge
As deluge clings to parched desert sands
It’s way too much and too fast
Aghast the rivers flashed flood
And the waters are 33 grasping hands deep
To have and to keep
To hold and to know

To bring down the pomp and glamour
And burn change the three ring show
With the big top all aglow
The Circus Maximus is the poignant kiss
Well what’s become of
Stuttered to no avail and the mast and sail
Inflates as billow we fall upon the pillow of grass
Me and this fallible lass
With up skirt and down dress
With arched curves we confess
We’re omnivoric whores
We’re human stars amongst scores
We’re gluttonous fasters
We’re servants and we’re masters
We’re healed sores gaping fresh anew
Like whatever plasters the sobered glue
Of red white deepest black and blue
Oh fuck the onslaught slew the spirit flew
Just to test its wings and rally
Despite hoops and flaming rings
The human heart it sings

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