Monday, October 25, 2010

Living While Falling

Living While Falling

Living While Falling from Ian Hinck on Vimeo.

Living While Falling is a 60 minute narrative film about a young man who begins to see other possibilities, other paths of fate, as though they are right before his eyes. Some of these visions are as harmless as a change in hairstyle or wardrobe, but some may change the course of his life forever. Does everything rely on random chance, or does he still have the ability to make choices when he can not be sure what is happening in the world around him?

The film represents several years of effort by many talented young filmmakers working together when the strange demands of real life would allow it. If you watch one no-budget psychological drama with great actors and high definition excitement this year, make it Living While Falling!

Josh Hinck composed about half of the musical score for the film.

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