Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Much Does Our Leadership Cost

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Well Rumsfeld is gone and that seems to be good news. The Repububli-cons and Deceptocracts are still locked in their spinning and swirling deathmatch of flipflop. Over the past 100 years or so the two major parties in the United States have switched agendas almost. Maybe this is due to each trying to grab some of the other's cookies or better yet, tricking people into giving their cookies to them. However it truly be, they have most assuredly shifted political ideals. I am not saying that I don't think the Democrats have more to offer or that my concept of government isn't more akin to theirs (because it is) and that I am not most glad at the control-shift in both houses. What truly, I think, is strange, is the fact that the Repub leadership is very radical, more radical than most people who claim to be of them. I believe that this is the case from something I will now call the 'gimme factor'. This factor is when the radical Repubs run in elections they promise to give money to those that vote for them, not a bribe persay but because of tax cuts. But what amount is this? A pittance! Average Joe got like $200 bucks and not that I can't use $200 bucks and especially now but seriously that is nothing. It is like a pacifier to allow them to give "Big Oil" $14 billion during their most lucrative and profitable year. So average Joe sees and hears about this and thinks, "Well I was able to get myself further in debt with my money". Actually he doesn't think this, it just happens. American consumerism almost mandates that he spend it and he will on something nonessential and expensive and I would almost bet $200 that if you asked most people what they spent that money on they just wouldn't know.

I would highly recommend people to see 'Private Warriors'. It is a Frontline episode that set out to find how much of the unaccounted for billions dumped into Iraq profiteers' pockets could be uncovered. There are many Frontline episodes that can just be streamed from their site. More than 30,000 'mercenaries' are working for the US in Iraq and fall under no one's jurisdiction. They face NO LEGAL REPERCUSSIONS OF ANY SORT FROM ANYONE. It is highly absurd! It really makes me think that the Bush government has employed these people in hopes of keeping US military casualties lower for simple P.R. reasons and has opted to not fully address the situation in Iraq but to orchestrate huge contracts for friends and the control of the region. You may say that the US doesn't have control and that would be true but NO ONE else has control and the US has a huge footing there and will for a long time. No one else can simply take the oil or stop the US from using it or protecting it. As you will see in that Frontline, it is almost in the interest of Haliburton for war to continue and for them to keep fortifying conceptually outdated bases for the troops.

I have just started reading Henry Miller's Sexus which I am certain will be great like most of his other books. I actually have already read Plexus which is the second book in that trilogy 'Rosy crucifixion' simply because it was the only Henry Miller book in the main Montreal library in English. That was great as well.

Keep churning.

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